Sacral Chakra Enlightenment Bracelet

Sacral Chakra Enlightenment Bracelet

Rasa Jiva
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Svadhishthana Sacral Chakra

Carnelian x Black Lava Rock x Buddha Charm


Stability, Sacred Sexuality, Revitalization

By wearing this stone regularly, this energy promotes the entering of new phases in your life, transforming you into the individual that your heart has always wanted to be and the person who you were brought to this planet to embody.

The energetic warmth of Carnelian allows us to feel at home in our bodies, surrounded by an energy of acceptance and safety. It allows us to take chances, knowing that we will have support and friends who are looking out for us.

For women, by using this crystal during your moon cycle, you can connect this sacred bodily process with the spirit world, encoding within it all the power of the great feminine creator goddesses who brought this world and this universe into existence.

For men, it is an excellent stone to recall the sacredness of women and also to remember that in you runs the red blood from your mother as well.

Handmade On The Coast Of Los Angeles, CA by Talia